You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road…

This is where I live. As you can imagine, it’s a place that deposits little hooks in your heart. You go away and they snag.

Soon I’ll be back.

Landscapes exercise a strange power over you. As if each of us has an internal landscape, embedded in us during childhood and which lies in wait until the point of recognition. Ah, there it is, you think. Or rather, there I am.


4 thoughts on “You’ll take the high road and I’ll take the low road…

  1. Hi Lucy — I just found your blog after finishing ‘The Secret Life of France’ — really enjoyed the book — such an intelligent and interesting look at French culture and politics.

    Great article about the Cévennes and I was also interested that you were recently in East Anglia. My (British) partner and I are contemplating a move from Sydney to Felixstowe in Suffolk, where he grew up; his mother’s from Stirling … and I have a small apt. in Paris so it’s all intertwined as far as the power of place – I really relate to the thoughts in your article.

    Anyway, now I hope you’ll write another book about living in that part of France!

    Cheers from Sydne (and sometimes Paris)
    My Sydney Paris Life

  2. Hi Lucy

    Like so many others, I too came to your blog after having finished reading The Secret Life.

    I fell in love with the French language about five milliseconds after my first French teacher said to the class: ‘Voila, la chaise’ [sorry, no grave accent on this keyboard]. At the age of eleven, I viscerally connected with the language and it’s never left me.

    I went to France on a few exchange trips, staying with families and travelling around on my own quite a bit, did a scholarship after doing very well in my French A Levels – and then spectacularly failed to move there. Somehow, circumstances have always intervened even though I’ve been promising myself to move for at least the last 30 years.

    As a poor substitute, during those years I’ve been a regular visitor, and have enjoyed every minute – well, most of them. And I still plan to move there – someday…

    So when I read The Secret Life…, it sounded like the book I would have written, had I taken the bull by the horns as I promised myself all those years ago. I’d like to thank you for writing it – and for helping me to keep alive the idea that I shall, someday, come home to France, a country I’ve loved from afar for so long.

  3. Wow, you said that so perfectly. I just heard about your book from a blog called mental_floss. I think I will be buying it. I have been in love with France as far back as I can remember. Last year, when I went there I felt so much at home that it was sad to leave. I love how you worded this post. Thank you.

  4. Dear Lucy,

    I too, have just read The Secret Life of France, which I will recommend to all my francophile friends. I loved it; thank you.

    We have lived in Italy for 20 years and I was amused by your analysis of Sarkozy’s charisma and how it resembles Berlusconi’s. With his womanising, unashamably public plastic surgery, conspicuous wealth, and rock star status he is the envy of many Italian men and the romantic fantasy of some Italian women. There is, too, an element of the Roman dictator/emperor that fascinates them. His politics? Anathema to us and our friends, but the left is fragmented and we have to endure his increasingly bizarre behaviour.

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