‘Required reading for anyone visiting France this summer, and everyone else besides.’ Independent, 50 Best Summer Reads

‘An astute, elegant and on the whole insightful work about why the French are the way they are … She is very good indeed on the subject of French women, and on relations between the sexes in France generally … She is strong too on France’s ambivalent relationship with the state; on the absurdly normative tendencies inherent in its education system; and on the Frenchman’s (and woman’s) mythical propensity for rudeness.’ Jon Henley, Guardian

‘Worthy of a place in your hand luggage the next time you board the Eurostar.’ Linda Christmas, Daily Telegraph

‘Wadham unravels the deep-set differences between us [and the French] … This beautifully clever and intellectually challenging book decodes the French way of life, as opposed to the British way of doing things, and reveals much to like about being us – and being them.’ Good Housekeeping

‘An elegant, measured and funny book … Wadham offers her considerable insights and her anecdotes and, like all critical Francophiles, continues to scratch her head in love and wonder.’ John Lichfield, Independent

‘I wish I had read it six years ago when I moved here. I would have had a much easier time of it.’ Janine di Giovanni, Observer

‘Her insights into the realities of a dual-nationality household are intelligent and entertaining … An engaging book.’ Emmanuelle Smith, Financial Times

‘Pithy, larded with anecdote and all perfectly true.’ Wendell Steavenson, Sunday Times

‘The Secret Life of France gently probes the cultural differences between the UK and her infuriatingly charming Gallic neighbour, using humour, knowledge and decades of life experience to debunk several myths (both good and bad) along the way. Neither autobiographical, nor a sociological examination, it weaves the two strands together in an easy-to-read narrative that demonstrates an intense affection for Wadham’s adopted homeland.’ France Magazine

‘Perfect for a French holiday read, this lively book tells the story of a Brit’s experience in France over 25 years.’ Big Issue

‘Having lived in France for 20 years, Wadham describes her experience of everything from work to affairs to British “faux pas” – and it’s hilarious.’ Essentials

‘Enlightening … A fascinating character study of a nation from someone who’s lived on both sides of the Channel.’ Glasgow Herald

‘Perceptive, engaging and illuminating – an essential read for Francophiles.’Anne Haverty, Irish Times

‘Wadham’s relationship with her adopted motherland is one of complex paradoxes. Part personal memoir, part psycho-analysis on a national scale and part socio-political pondering, The Secret Life of France is an intelligent, insightful and astute dissection of the cultural and political heart of one of Europe’s superpowers.’ Sunday Business Post

‘The French, as much as the British, should read this rueful, truthful book.’ Iain Finlayson, The Times