Writing Workshops in Paris

GREATER LOVE HeaderI’m afraid I no longer run these day-long workshops.

Please have a look at the Cevennes retreat page and think about giving more space and time to your writing.







4 thoughts on “Writing Workshops in Paris

  1. Hello. I’ve just finished TSLOF and have lots of questions. I’m also coming to live in Bordeaux for 7 months from May 13 this year to November. I’m Australian, residing in Brisbane. I would love to attend a writing work shop. Please let me know when, how and how much etc.

  2. Hi Michael.

    Thanks for getting in touch.

    I’m sorry to say that I no longer do the day-long workshops but I do still do the week-long retreats in the Cevennes Mountains. I’m afraid the June workshop retreat is fully booked this year but there’s still space on the Writers’ Open Retreat if you have a work in progress and are looking for one on one mentoring. Here’s the link for that one with prices and how to book etc: http://abricreativewriting.com/events%202018/Writers%20Open%20Retreat%202018.html

    I’m also thinking about hosting a writing week in Wales, on the Pembrokeshire coast. Might that interest you or are you only interested in French retreats?

    Very brave of you to move to France. I have to say it feels a particularly exciting time to be here at the moment.

    All my best,


  3. Dear Lucy
    Thanks very much for the quick response. I didn’t fully understand the scope of the retreats. I enjoy writing and some poetry, but have struggled to find the time over the years to do justice to my feelings. I thought the retreat may be include a chance for someone like myself to learn and discover if I have anything worthwhile nurturing.
    I’ve been travelling to Bordeaux annually since 2007 and am involved in the wine business. Now 63 and wanting to smell the roses. I’m glad you say it’s an exciting time to be in La France. Best wishes Michael Cosgrave

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