Something a Little More Lowbrow

Some Useful French Expressions

Elle pète plus haut que son cul
Literally: she farts higher than her bottom (She’s up herself)

Elle m’a posé un lapin
Literally: She left me a rabbit (She stood me up)

Elle est partie comme un pet sur une toile cirée
She left (as quickly) as a fart on tarpaulin

Là, tu encules des mouches.
Literally: You’re sodomising flies (Splitting hairs)

Avoir une taupe a la caisse
To have a mole at the check-out (to really want to do number twos)

Je l’ai eu le doigt dans le nez/cul
Literally: I got it (e.g. passed an exam) with my finger in my nose/bottom (i.e. very easily)


4 thoughts on “Something a Little More Lowbrow

  1. aillame veri choquingue baille disse choyce.

    Il existe en France des expressions moins triviales comme :

    aller faire caca derrière un buisson
    avoir le cigare au bord des lèvres
    se pisser dessus

    et plein d’autres aussi romantiques !

  2. Now if French language classes at school had taught those alongside verbs etc. I think I might have been a bit more interested. Brilliant!

    You’re sodomising flies is my favourite.

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