Feminine…In my mind…

a new women's magazine Here is the first issue of France’s brand new women’s magazine: ‘Causette’, or chatter (dangerously homonymous with Victor Hugo’s eternal victim, Cosette?) No, announces the editorial: “Just a bit of enriching chatter with a healthy dose of humility and quite a lot of irony (mordant)”.  Hmm. And inside, a beauty contest for homeless women in Belgium, France’s new hot, black actor, Jacky Ido (in the nude), a bit of literature and a spot of fashion. ‘Causette’, we are told, is “feminine in the brain” – meaning what exactly? Doesn’t matter. I’m loving it. Especially if we’re spared the psycho-analytic twaddle, pioneered by Elle and common to most women’s magazines in France, which all seem to have their resident Freudian analyst, answering all your woes from sporadic orgasm, to coping with your child, to dealing with your lover…


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