Reve General

I strike therefore I am

Non, non et non.

France by Numbers

78… % of French people back today’s strike (according to an IFOP poll).

8… trade unions are calling for the strike (the CGT, the CFDT, FO, CFE-CFC, CFTC, Solidaires, FSU and Unsa).

219… demonstrations across the country attended by…

1,08 million… demonstrators, according to police estimates and…

2,5 million… demonstrators, according to the unions.

14,100… jobs to be cut in research and education as part of Sarkozy’s proposed government spending reforms.

300 – 400 million… euros is the estimated cost of a strike day like today’s, according to Finance Minister, Christine Lagarde.

2.6 billion… euros: the cost of the package secured by the unions from Sarkozy after the last general strike on 29th January.


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